VIBE Audio Visual Designs is a professional audio, visual, lighting company cultivated in the Napa Valley.  We have created a production platform that focuses on enhancing the quality and execution of a wide scope of entertainment fields, with our main area of expertise dedicated to large group events.  Our passion was born in the music industry as musicians and artists, and we are dedicated to preserving the individuality in our work through a broad range of custom designs and services which include: audio visual services, lighting, video, stage set design, graphic designs, photography, and our recording studio set in the Browns Valley section of Napa.
Our production approach is concentrated on each projects needs from start to finish.  We look at the initial phase of planning and the execution of each as we do a blank CD or piece of canvas.  Let’s create a relationship with our client based on our desire to learn from one another and our mutual passion to create something awesome and beautiful.  Beauty is not easily attained, yet through our bulldog tenacity and an inner desire to succeed for our clients we constantly strive to develop the flexibility and trust that produces special results.
We look forward to the opportunity to create something special with you in the vineyards, on the dance floor or in the recording studio.  Our winning formula is based on the love that we have for one another and the respect and passion that we have for music and the arts. We invite you to experience this passion and let’s create something beautiful. Are you ready!